Managing Your Move When You’ve Listed Your Property


Many people find they must list their house and prepare for a move in order to relocate for a job or to respond to a family emergency. Selling your house can be stressful in and of itself, but when you throw a move into the mix, you might find the stress creeping up as you try [...]

How to Prepare Dressers and Armoires for Relocation


Are you taking any dressers, wardrobes, chests, or armoires from your old home to your new home? Before your relocation, clear, clean, and prepare these items to protect your furnishings and your clothing. Here’s how to get your dressers and armoires ready for a move. Clear Out Drawers and Shelves It may seem easier to [...]

A Moving Plan for Seniors Who Are Downsizing


If you are looking to downsize in retirement, moving to a smaller home may be in your plans. Although the move may seem like a practical thing to do, it probably won’t be the easiest, especially when it comes to the memories you’ve made in a home where you’ve lived for decades. Additionally, the sentiments [...]

7 Advantages of Professional Moving Transportation


When you face an upcoming move, one of the most important decisions you make is whether to undertake the transition yourself or partner with a professional moving company. Generally, homeowners who choose to DIY their moves rent a moving truck to transfer their belongings. In this blog, we discuss seven of the advantages available to [...]

6 Tips to Pack Your Garage, Workshop, or Garden Shed for Moving Day


As you plan your packing activities, think “outside the living space” to include the contents of your garage, workshop, and garden shed. If you expect to use your tools and garden implements in your new place, you’ll want to carefully pack your garage items prior to placing them in the moving van. Assemble Items to [...]

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